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A platform for conscious human being

“What is missing to our civilisation is the soul, the spiritual unity, the basis. That is why… in spite of the progress
and marvellous improvement they have accomplished in the external realm men have, in general, become themselves
neither better, nor happier. They have neglected too much the essential; their own perfecting.” - Afrikan Spir (1837 – 1890)

The Truth Project aims to help find new PRACTICAL forms of being and living
to achieve deep purpose in everyday life.

The question we have set ourselves in this rational “modern-age” of ours is: how does a full-time, realistic, relevant spiritual life* look like?

There is no truth the Truth Project is committed to – following on from the etymology of the word “truth” (Old English trīewth / trēowth meaning “faithfulness / constancy”) all the Project aims to do is be faithful and constant in remaining open in an environment seemingly ever more closed.

We are fully aware the truth cannot be grasped in current human form as it is not something that could be put into words, and if it could then as soon as it would be spoken it would be “out-of-date”. Truth is naturally not a concept as any concept appears in truth and so therefore cannot explain it, it can only be in it. Language, however useful in the external realm, limits our ability to investigate any deeper topic by forcing ideas and concepts onto any investigation before it even gets started. We want to know what this means for us on a practical level.

In this open context the Truth Project may be of interest to people who have no doubt the way we lead our lives today in practice does not represent their true being and / or have shown the courage and commitment in taking personal responsibility for their state of being and / or whose insights may include the notion that only by joining together with other souls in ways we have perhaps yet to experience in our culture can the next step in our existential evolution take place, whatever that step is. The Truth Project is committed to exploring how this communion of souls can look like on a practical level drawing on as many sources of wisdom that already exist and without any preconceived ideas of how things 'should' be.

We are also aware that any spiritual journey may require going through an inner process which in-turn may require a period of solitude and / or the ability to bear inner pain consciously. This is challenging enough without any support in place. We want to know how best to support eachother on the journey.

*Spiritual life meaning a development path and a taking of personal responsibility for the most emergent part of our being: conscious awareness.

“How monotously alike all the great tyrants and conquereors have been; how gloriously different are the saints.” C.S.Lewis (1898 – 1963)

Amongst many ancient and historical influences The Truth Project draws and indeed blends much from the approach and philosophy of the ancient gnostic traditions, the relatively recently passed-away Krishnamurtis (J and UG), Victor Frankl, many living “teachers” as well as the Unividualism philosophy put forward by currently active philosopher Tim Freke.**

Unividualism combines evolutionary science and deep spirituality to offer a visionary new understanding of the nature of reality and the purpose of life.

Unividuality helps to show us how “I” am an individual point of conscious awareness yet simultaneously a part of the “oneness” totality of existence beyond the “you” and “me”.

**Please note although we know and love Tim Freke very much we are not officially associated with him, so no views held on any of our project websites are necessarily Tim’s. For a direct experience of Tim and his work please visit:

The Truth Project brings Unividuality to Action along 3 paths:

The Beviduality path

Following on from the traditional “beauty / perception” path to realisation here the focus is on the “being / pre-conceptual experience” part of the human experience.


The Doviduality path

Following on from the traditional “love / service” path to realisation here the focus is on the “action / doing” part of the human experience.


The Learnviduality path

Following on from the traditional “knowledge / self-enquiry” path to realisation here the focus is on the “intellectual / mental processing” part of the human experience.


The Truth Project is not necessary for anyone to follow these or other paths of inner realisation independently. There is no authority or organisational belonging necessary for the inner journey – if anything the Project can act as a friend on the path, nothing more.

The Truth Project is under the current convenorship of Hubert. A non-public personality Hubert is simply an existential investigator who has committed himself to this work. Hubert writes: “If we are to preserve our existence as a species self-restraint of the individual “me” self and a conscious development of the common “one” self (also known as consciousness) may be a requirement. However, if that's the case, the latter can only be done through the former. Evolution has been pointing us in the direction of this “one” self since the time of the first sages. If we have learnt anything during the course of our civilisation is that we should look for solutions from within. The most challenging and exciting journey we may face is the journey into oneself. Can and should we support each other on these individual journeys? If the answer is yes, then how best to do that?”

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Hubert can be contacted via

The Truth Project is:

A place, virtual or otherwise,
where we cease to endlessly fantasise,
which helps us ground ourselves to grow,
learn to live once again with the flow.

A place on which truthsayers past and present look upon,
with their healing stare,
where their eternal wisdom is shared,
discussed and laid bare.

A place where no matter the cost,
how deeply a person is lost,
a person is free to roam,
within their own soul and onwards, home.

A place where no particular race or religion,
can take the upper-hand,
where the conclusion will always be,
that there is no contraband.

The Truth Project,
out of both chaos and order is born,
may it help us to be able to ground the human paradox,
of life in both eternal freedom and a temporary moving box.

The wisdom archive
Hermit Overland
doviduality beviduality
Truth Station
beviduality doviduality learnviduality


Hermit Overland: For people who are interested in going on an inner journey but wishing to do so in a physical manner Hermit Overland offers logistics and transport for the spiritual traveller.

Truth Station: Physical locations at which the work of the Truth Project can be accessed, as well as where everyone is welcome to either ponder the nature of our existence or for simple rest.

UNDER CONSTRUCTION | Hermit Hut: A safe-facility for people who feel it would be useful to spend some time in isolation and / or solitude to facilitate their inner journey.

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Truth Station: Physical locations at which the work of the Truth Project can be accessed, as well as where everyone is welcome to help develop the Project further.


Modern Day Monastery at Gut Saunstorf (Germany) - Experience and volunteer at this unique place of stillness at

Krishnamurti Centre for Contemplation (UK) - Experience and volunteer at this most independent (no authority) venue for individual self-enquiry at

ACTIVELY PURSUED | The Enneagram Circle: Bringing together 9 conscious people of the different Enneagram 'types' to create a complete Enneagram action-group and wonder at the results.

TO BE DEVELOPED | The Good News Agency: A media outlet dedicated to delivering the good news of being a human being today.

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The Wisdom Archive: The Wisdom Archive collects, stores and shares the essence of people from throughout human history who dedicated at least a part of their life to exploring the ultimate truth about the nature of our existence.

EMERGENT SPIRITUALITY: Direct philosophical path behind Unividuality:

CONSCIOUS TV: Pioneering media channel dedicated to the exploration of our consciousness:

HEARTBOND: Scientific exploration of what happens when we open our hearts to others:

TO BE DEVELOPED | The Truth Map: A modern and map-based tool giving people access to spiritual guidance, retreats, different approaches – a search engine for spirituality.

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